Why use an Architect?

Creating a new building or changing an existing one is both challenging and very rewarding. In appointing an architect to assist, you gain a valuable partner that will provide conceptual and practical support to assure that the end result of your venture meets all your expectations.

Architects are trained to turn your aspirations into reality. They will take the stress, time spent and other issues out of your hands and deal with them on your behalf.

Building projects are complex and as a result carry risk. Architects apply impartial and creative thinking whether you are planning a new building, or adapting or expanding an existing property. Architects add value, whether it comes from designing a product that is attractive to the market, changing use, improving functionality, increasing capacity or making a building more buildable.

Architects will analise your requirements, whether it is for your dream home or a new factory or office building for your business. If you have not chosen already, they are well equipped to advise you when choosing a portion of land or existing building that ideally fit your new home or business.

They will ask many questions, do research into the way you live or the processes of your company, and compile your answers into a proper “brief’ or “scope of work”.
They are trained to investigate all aspects of your unique requirements, and make sure that those feelings or emotions you experience in buildings you like become part of your new or renovated building or dwelling. At the same time cost control will be maintained, and your new or renovated building will be within budget

Choosing a SAIA and SACAP accredited architectural professional will give you peace of mind. They comply with strict criteria covering PI insurance, health and safety and quality management systems. Architects have to make sure that the building complies with the National Building Regulations.

They also deal with Local Authority Submissions for building approval on your behalf which can be a time consuming and frustrating endeavour. Architects assist with the building process, and this includes quality, program and your budget.

Architectural practices range from one-person offices to large, perhaps multinational firms operating world or countrywide. You will be able to find your match.

“Good” architects actually pay for themselves – more than once. You will reap the reward and the building will be hugely better and deliver much better value for it. – “Kevin McCloud, Grand Designs”

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