What value do architects provide?

All humans live in buildings. Most of us interact with buildings for the greater part of our day. But we have no or very little idea of the role that architects play in creating these buildings.

Architects design buildings. They provide advice, technical and aesthetic judgment and management in the built environment.

If you’re a building owner or tenant, an architect’s chief value lies in protecting you from stress and saving you time.

British survey reveals startling results

Recently, the Architects Journal surveyed 2 031 adults and discovered the following interesting facts:

· 15% don’t know that architects design buildings

· 72% of adults are unaware that we apply for planning permission

· 79% don’t know that we ensure that buildings comply with health and safety legislation

· 86% of adults have no idea that we select, help to negotiate with and manage building contractors

· 20% are unaware that we prepare construction drawings

· Only 9% of adults understand that we control building site budgets

· Only a third of those over 55 are aware that we prepare planning permissions

· Only 14% of 18 to 24 year olds are aware that we prepare planning permissions

· Only 20% of young adults know that we also handle building control certificates and guarantees.

Every building project has three major phases
During the initial phase, as architects we take responsibility for these actions on your behalf. This saves you time and effort.

1. Architects do research into the land proposed for your development:
• Size, town planning issues
• Sewerage, water and electricity supply
• Road networks, accessibility, and geotechnical issues. These include servitudes, building lines and other restrictions.

2. We assess and report on the suitability of a building you may wish to lease. If you need an office building, we report on its suitability for all aspects of your business. This saves you time and avoids possible problems later.

3. If it’s a new building, we establish whether the proposed land meets your requirements.

4. If it’s an existing building, we investigate your needs before designing changes. There may be several versions of the design before it’s finalised.

5. We help a quantity surveyor to produce a high-level cost estimate which has to match your budget. This process is continuous during the design period to make sure there is no cost overrun later.

These services allow you to decide whether to proceed with the project, change the size or not to proceed at all.

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