What value do architects provide during the construction process?

As the expert in this field, the architect will oversee the construction of the building on your behalf. You do not have to worry about the project, as your architect and his consultant team do that for you.

You will be invited to “site meetings” chaired by your architect so that you can experience the process first hand. Everyone involved in the building process, you included, will get minutes of all meetings. You will also attend regular cost control meetings.

The architect will do the following for you
1. Prepare the contract with a building contractor.
• Your architect will prepare one of the contracts produced by the “Building Industries Federation of South Africa”.
• All you will be asked to do is sign the contract.
2. Make sure that:
• The builder applies the Occupational Safety and Health Act during construction
• Insurance, for you as the building owner, as well as the contractor, is in place
3. Control quality, cost and programme during the building process
4. Your architect will do this by scheduling site visits and meetings regularly and will use these meetings to coordinate the rest of the professional team
5. For any changes during construction, your architect will take care of negotiating the cost with the contractor. He/she will submit it for your approval before issuing an instruction or drawing to proceed.
6. Your architect will do a series of inspections during the last phases of construction and a final review of the building
7. He/she will issue a list of instructions to rectify all problems or “snags.”
8. Your architect then submits the structure for scrutiny by the local authorities. They release a Certificate of Occupation which is essential for insurance and financial purposes.
9. He/she will obtain copies of approved plans and send them to you
10. Finally, your architect will hand all of the construction plans, specifications, operating manuals, certificates of compliance, guarantees and maintenance schedules to you.

All these services result in a stress-free construction process. Your building will become a bespoke, functional and elegant asset and “home” for yourself or your business.

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