The Value of Employing an Architect

We all live and work in buildings, and cannot avoid experiencing them. In all types of buildings, from small to the largest, we “interact with our buildings”
In South Africa architecture is the sole profession whose members are qualified to design and provide advice as well as technical and aesthetic judgment, to the built environment
Architects inspire the community and its citizens by providing services and solutions using technical competence and aesthetic sensitivity. Their advice will be suitable to the physical, social, cultural, and economic environment.
Architects are obliged to serve the public interest in matters of public health and safety, and respond to the public need. These concepts of health and safety have now been expanded to encompass the sustainability of the global environment and accessibility for all persons.
Architects add value to building projects by creating designs that are functional and elegant.
Architects also design for construction that is durable and energy-efficient, and whose visual impact provides a positive experience and increased market value to owners and users.
Architects are trained to explore new and innovative solutions to problems. They are invaluable on any building project. Furthermore, the use of architectural services by a SACAP registered architect or technician is required by the South African National Building Regulations for most building types or “Occupancies”.
Architectural services cost usually around 6% to 10% of the total of all Design and Construction Costs. Architect’s fees can be as low as 0.01% of the lifecycle costs for owning and operating a building or facility.
This is an inappropriate place to cut costs, particularly when the savings gained through good design can be significant over the lifecycle of a building.
This important upfront investment in professional services will have a significant impact on the future costs of the ownership of any building.

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