Standard Architectural Services

The standard services offered by Leon Krüger Architects are set out on the website of the South African Council for the Architectural Profession

Investigating, reporting, and evaluating the status of any or all aspects of existing buildings in order to show the client what work has to be done to upgrade and or maintain the building.

Analysis of Manpower and Space Requirements – this service is typically used to assist management to evaluate the space requirements of their company. This helps to decide the size, etc. of possible new premises, either to accommodate new growth or the reducing of staff numbers. This works closely in hand with Space Planning, and the Receiving of Building Briefs.

Receiving the brief for any building, based on Client Requirements, Reporting, Analysis of Space in order to hire or build a new building or modify the existing building to suit new requirements.

Once the building design is done, or a new building is leased, the areas in the building can be populated with people at desks, and a series of plans are produced to find the most efficient way to keep various departments functioning optimally.

Giving architectural assistance to proposed manufacturing and logistical processes, in order to make sure that the building components supplements processes and equipment, while at the same time ensuring that the building complies with local Town Planning requirements as well as the National Building Regulations, as well as basic Green Building Requirement.
Reporting and Analysis of requirements may play a role as part of the consulting process.

LKA is able to assist in setting up Facilities Management Solutions, using state of the art systems.

Measuring existing buildings and re drawing plans to represent the present size, rentable areas, etc. for buildings where plans do not exist, or buildings that have been altered over the years. An Area Certificate calculated according to the SAPOA  method and rules, is normally included. Useable and rentable areas can be included in separate schedules.

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