Location: Tonga, Nkomazi district of Mpumalanga Province, South Africa
Date: 1997
Practice: Partner: Osmond Lange Architects
Role: Design & Project Architect
Client: Mpumalanga Department of Public Works


This is a 230 bed rural government hospital built in pavilion style, to cater for the rural populations needs.
The hospital has an extensive clinic and out patient department with special attention to maternity and pre/post natal services. The hospital also fulfills the role of supply depot for smaller clinics in the area, as well as being the base for the regional ambulance service.

The hospital was put out to tender by the Department of Works. By manipulation of the then PDW hospital norms, and keeping practical nursing needs in mind, costs were reduced, with the result that the tender was won by our team.
The buildings are low technology structures, and locals were trained and used in most of the building trades, to leave technology and ability behind after the construction work was completed.

Housing is provided for staff, from hostel style accommodation to three bedroom houses. Recreational facilities, swimming pool, tennis courts, and club house, as well as a child care centre forms part of the project.
Open corridors link the ward blocks wherever possible, and enable the patients and their families to congregate as per their tradition in the landscaped areas between the buildings.

Optimum use is made of coal fired steam boilers for cooking, water heating, washing, sterilizing, and air conditioning, reducing running costs drastically over the lifetime of the building, while reducing dependency on the electrical supply to the site.

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