Location: New Germany, KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa
Date: 1994
Practice: Partner: Osmond Lange Architects
Role: Project Architect
Client: Nestlé


  • Regional Distribution facility, situated on the site of the old Falcon Ridge coal-fired Power Station.
  • The station was demolished and the site re-engineered to serve as flat industrial land, a scarcity in the Durban Pinetown area.
  • The power station coal bunkers (not demolished) were purchased at extremely low cost. Floor slabs were cast over the coal bunkers, and the whole served as a base for the administration offices, workshops, and change rooms for the facility.
  • The top portion of the coal bunkers were turned into parking garages after the introduction of floor slabs. (See drawing below.)
  • The site had to be tailored around a used asbestos vault, which remains buried some 20 meters underground.
  • A public road was constructed over the vault, as it had to be accessible in perpetuity.

nestle-new-germany-2    nestle-new-germany-1

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