Location: Longmeadow Industrial Area, Gauteng Province, South Africa
Date: 2003
Practice: Partner: Osmond Lange Architects
Role: Design and Project Architect
Client: Nestlé


  • Nestlé needed toconsolidate their various warehouses and storage/distribution facilities in Gauteng, and initiated “Project Efficiency”.
  • The warehouse includes a 2,000m2 Cold Room with an Ammonia cooling plant.
  • The 30,000m2 warehouse is subdivided into three fire zones, with self-supporting 8-hour-fire rated, in-situ cast, concrete walls between sections.
  • Fire-rated doors connect the compartments.
  • The roof over each compartment was designed to collapse in the event of a fire, leaving the rest of the warehouse operational, as all essential water, electrical and IT conduits are situated on the outside of the building.
  • This minimises risk and insurance costs, and recovery time is reduced.

At completion, Nestlé South Africa indicated that the Swiss company is thinking of using the concept worldwide in their distribution centers.

nestle-longmeadow-2 nestle-longmeadow-1

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