Location: Boksburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa
Date: 2008
Practice: Leon Krüger Architects
Role: Design & Project Architect
Client: Hitachi


  • Situated on a 3.35 Ha site
  • 13,000m2 complex was built in the 1980s
  • Consisted of a 2,156m2 office building, workshop and warehouse sections totaling 10,727m2.
  • Workshop and warehouse sections were housed in two identical 5,000m2 buildings separated by single storey service areas
  • Facility did not suit the Hitachi requirements any more, as the machines they service became ever larger, and destroyed the previous paved hardstand work areas
  • Office building was based on a outmoded cellular office design with a central corridor
  • Efficiency improved, and savings obtained through:
    • 151 standard parking bays in a central area
    • 11,700m2 new paved areas around the buildings to store, clean and repair new and used construction machinery
    • Movement of machinery and operations was rationalized, by removing random sheds and buildings and improving the utilization of the outside work spaces
    • Cellular-type offices demolished and replaced with open plan office space and modern services to suit Hitachi’s present needs
    • Entrance lobby, stair and toilets completely reconstructed and modernized
    • Modern IT and power service routes replaced the previous system
    • New power-efficient central HVAC in the open plan space in the east facing office building, using R22 refrigerant, in line with the Montreal Protocol requirements
    • First floor of the front wing shaded by mesh screens, doubling as advertising space, reducing the heat and glare, facilitating window cleaning and reducing HVAC running costs
    • Damaged paved hardstand area replaced by sacrificial concrete slab designed by WSP to carry the 80-ton tracked machines.
    • Proper offloading facilities and dedicated wash bay to remove stones etc. from the tracks installed to extend the lifespan of the new hardstand.
    • Office space split into two tenant spaces with a general central lobby and reception. HVAC and electrical services split between the north and south wings to facilitate the above.











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