Grayston Office Park Parking Decks

Location: Sandown/Simba
Practice: Leon Krüger Architects


Grayston Office Park is situated in Sandown/Simba, and it was designed and built a decade ago. In those days, as today, the local Town Planning Scheme required parking bays at a rate of 4 bays per 100 square meters of office space. This situation caused building in the park to stand empty, as today’s parking requirements are closer to 6 bays per 100 square meters of office space.

The project was initiated to address this issue and bring the parking count up to standard. Due to the slope of the building site, the parking decks were built to follow the slope of the site, to minimize the impact on the site, and to maintain the view from the office buildings, as they had semi basements in any case. The sloping decks enabled us to minimize space consuming ramps and as an added bonus it was possible to use concrete slabs with no waterproofing, as the slope is enough to let rain water runoff quickly. Rain water is harvested, to be used for garden irrigation, and during summer months the boreholes which supply the garden irrigation is not used. All new landscaping was done with indigenous plants, which require less water than exotics.


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