Location: Gaborone, Botswana [View Google Map]
Date: 1990
Practice: Partner: Osmond Lange Architects
Role: Design Architect
Client: At the time: Clinic Holdings Botswana


  • The first private hospital in Botswana. The hospital was first conceived as a pavilion-style set of buildings with 60 beds and support spaces. A wing was set aside for doctors’ consulting rooms, used on a rotational basis by specialist doctors based in South Africa, as well as private doctors resident in Gaborone.
  • During the planning process, Bouygues, a French construction company, made an offer to build a 120-bed hospital for the same cost, using their patented pre-cast concrete construction method.
  • The result was that Leon went to Bouygues head office in Paris, France, to design the hospital to South African and international standards.
  • The operating company chosen to run the hospital was PARC, an Irish hospital management firm.
    The resulting design is a fusion of African and Irish nursing principles, and French technology, designed to function in the unique African environment of Botswana.
  • The management of the hospital was later taken over by Ammed.


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