We construct houses, buildings, bridges and everything you dream


    Modern, strong bridges, which connect cities, even countries


    Imagine creations as old as this one. Stable as a million years rock.


    Such bridge, very long, much strong. WOW

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  • How to discuss your new home or additions with an architect

    You have chosen an architect that you feel comfortable with. (See previous blog) How well you and your architect communicate will affect how closely the design meets your needs and how much of your personality and taste ends up in the final product. Communication is critical in home design projects. It is important to ask…

  • Preliminary Discussions with your Architect, What to expect;

    When you have found an architect and made sure that he specializes in the branch of architecture (see previous post) you require, you meet him for a preliminary consultation, and expect to do and hear the following; You • Make sure that the architect is a SAIA and SACAP member in good standing. • You…

  • How to Choose an Architect

    When you are building a new home, you are probably making the biggest investment of your life. Building or renting a new home for your business can have a huge financial impact on your company. You need the right professional to assist you. How to find the right architect for your project Some experts say…

  • Why use an Architect?

    Creating a new building or changing an existing one is both challenging and very rewarding. In appointing an architect to assist, you gain a valuable partner that will provide conceptual and practical support to assure that the end result of your venture meets all your expectations. Architects are trained to turn your aspirations into reality….

  • When to Employ an Architect?

    Most individuals and companies know that they need the services of an architectural professional when they contemplate the construction of a new home or building, or when they wish to modify an existing building, In South Africa the National Building Regulations requires that an architect or member of the “South African Council for Architectural Practice”…

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Everywhere people travel by land and in the air, a Bombardier product is ready to transport them. From category-defining business jets and commercial aircraft. But it’s not just our products and services that make us a global leader.  The most important success factor is our employees, all 71,700 of them.  Together we’re focused on the same objective. Propelling mobility forward by answering the call to make it more efficient, sustainable and inviting than ever before.

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